The 101 of excess tonnage and exploration

Advice for prospectors and explorers
Date: Wednesday, 03 November 2021

The DMIRS website has been updated with additional information for prospectors and explorers in relation to excess tonnage application requirements, plus providing a data analysis of applications received since 2017.

The new website content, titled ‘The 101 of excess tonnage and exploration’, outlines what anyone involved in disturbing land for exploration needs to be aware of and when approval is required via an excess tonnage application.

The Mining Act 1978 allows the holders of a prospecting licence, special prospecting licence, exploration licence or retention licence the right to excavate and extract or remove from the land, earth, soil, rock, stone, fluid or mineral bearing substances within specified limits.

DMIRS Executive Director Resource and Environmental Compliance Karen Caple said if on-ground activities require disturbance in excess of the specified amounts, then excess tonnage approval is required.

“It is the responsibility of the tenement holder to maintain accurate records of tonnage disturbances and to seek excess tonnage and programme of works approvals when required,” she said.

“The excess tonnage accumulates over the life of the tenement, and is not reduced or removed as a result of rehabilitation activities, partial tenement surrender or conversion of tenure.”

More information is available on the DMIRS website.