The new DMP website launching soon

The new website will go live in early November
Date: Monday, 05 October 2015

Final user testing research on the new Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) website was undertaken with a cross-section of industry stakeholders and community representatives during September.

DMP General Manager Communications and Marketing Laura Lewis said the results of this testing was very positive, with stakeholders finding the new site user-friendly and intuitive.

β€œThe stakeholders who took part in the testing liked the modern and clean design of the new website and found it very easy to navigate,” Mrs Lewis said.

β€œA number of relatively minor enhancements were suggested to make the site even better and these will be implemented in the next few weeks prior to the launch of the new site.”

DMP is currently preparing a training video to help website users familiarise themselves with the navigation and features of the new DMP website before it goes live.

This training video will be available on the current DMP website in the next few weeks.

The new DMP website will go live in early November. The exact launch date will be announced soon.

Stakeholders gave positive feedback on the useability and look of the new DMP website