Training highlights road safety collaboration

Training exercises involving DMP highlight multi-agency approach to road safety in Western Australia.
Date: Monday, 19 October 2015

The Department of Mines and Petroleum, WA Police, Main Roads and the Department of Transport have all played a role in joint training exercises held last month.

Dangerous Goods Team Leaders Erin James and Eric Gruber, and six WA Police Traffic Officers were involved in a four-day training course.

“Information about dangerous goods was an important focus of the training,” Miss James said.

“In regards to transporting dangerous goods on the State’s roads, WA police officers have the same powers as a Dangerous Goods Officer.

“By providing this training to WA Police, it means there are more eyes on the road looking for safety issues related to transporting dangerous goods.”

The training, delivered by WA Police, Main Roads, the Department of Transport and DMP happened between 14 and 17 September.

“It included an exercise where a range of heavy vehicles, including those transporting dangerous goods, were intercepted and assessed by the trainees for non-compliance,” Miss James said.

“Several vehicles were intercepted on the day and one dangerous goods vehicle was taken off the road for severe non-compliances regarding roadworthiness and poor segregation of dangerous goods.

“This training equips participants with the skills to enforce the Dangerous Goods Act and Transport Regulations, and is an important part of ensuring safety on Western Australian roads.”

Continued collaboration a focus of multi-agency training exercises held last month.