West Kimberley students get down to earth with Careers Expo

Drill core samples capture student’s attention at Careers Expo
Date: Tuesday, 09 May 2017
Drill core samples capture student’s attention at Careers Expo

The Department of Mines and Petroleum joined 35 other exhibitors for a Careers Expo in Broome last week.

High School and primary school students from State and Catholic systems across the West Kimberley participated in the Careers Expo, part of Careers Week which was organised by the Department of Training and Workforce Development, with the Expo held at the Broome Senior High School on Friday.

DMP Kimberley Liaison Officer Brian Lloyd said students showed a lot of interest in the department’s work.

“They showed interest in all our displays, which included a wide variety of maps and information on the department’s role, but they found it particularly fascinating to handle drill cores which had been pulled from deep below the earth’s surface.” he said.

“Some students were not fully aware of the department’s role as a regulator for the State’s resources sector.

“However, they showed interest in listening to better understand how the department works to ensure WA’s mining sector is developed and managed in a sustainable way without compromising the environment or community health and safety while providing jobs and economic benefits for everyone.”

Mr Lloyd said it was a terrific day for everyone and an important role for DMP to play in helping community understand the benefits the resources sector provide to our everyday lifestyles.

“The learning was not a one way street, I got a lot out of being there and hearing the views and beliefs of young people and helping them to understand what the many and varied roles of the DMP are.”