Western Australia Exploration Geochemistry Online

Download open file surface and downhole geochemistry data
Date: Wednesday, 25 August 2021

The Geological Survey has launched a new website that allows exploration company geochemistry, extracted from WAMEX reports, to be viewed on screen and downloaded in single, pivoted tables. See the Help Guide on the same page for simple guidance on this.


Company analyte column headings, as supplied in submitted datasets, were programmatically matched to standard analyte names in a ‘match table’. Scripts were run on the original database to harmonise the company analyte names to the matched standard analyte names, and to recalculate assay values in the company-supplied units of measure as ppm. Locations are in Lat/Long GDA94.

The data in the tables have been extracted from the Mineral Drillholes Database which stores the assay data as supplied by mining and exploration companies. There has been no quality control carried out on the actual results and no corrections made to suspect units of measure.

If you notice any unexpected units of measure values, please report them directly to wamex.enquiries@dmirs.wa.gov.au.