Western Australia Exploration Geochemistry

Online system has recently undergone an update
Date: Monday, 03 July 2023

Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA) has recently updated its Western Australia Exploration Geochemistry Online platform, which allows users to search for and download open file surface and downhole geochemistry data from exploration company datasets in GSWA's Mineral Drillholes Database.

The update now includes all surface and downhole geochemistry analyses submitted by exploration companies up until mid-May 2023.

Users have the additional ability to search the website based on various criteria such as tenement, company, report number, drillholes or sample type, or by drawing a spatial box to define their area of interest. Search results can be conveniently downloaded in a standardised and pivoted format, enhancing readability and facilitating interpretation.

The website also offers the complete and updated database in SQL 2016 format, encompassing not only the geochemistry data but other relevant files such as lithology, survey data and geophysical logging. Pivoted data sets are also available in SQL and Postgres format for further convenience.