Who should be enforcing corporate social responsibility?

DMP is trialling an online platform to help gauge people’s ideas and thoughts on corporate social responsibility.
Date: Friday, 07 October 2016

The Department of Mines and Petroleum is trailling MindHive, an online crowdsourcing platform, to help gauge people’s ideas and thoughts on the topic, “What role do regulators have in enforcing corporate social responsibility?

The topic has already attracted significant interest and comments from stakeholders on MindHive. The platform is moderated to ensure safe and sensible dialogue.

Your input of ideas, suggestions and initiatives will go towards helping DMP facilitate responsible resource sector management for the long-term benefit of Western Australia.

To join the discussion, register at MindHive. Once registered you are able to comment on the question posed by the department or reply to an existing post.

The online platform closes on Friday 14 October.