Conducting a survey

Geological surveys, including seismic, other geophysical and geochemical surveys conducted for the exploration of petroleum or geothermal resources, require approval from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) prior to commencement.
Seismic trucks undertaking a seismic survey (Photo courtesy Buru Energy Ltd)
Bunda 3D seismic survey performed by vibroseis trucks (courtesy Buru Energy Ltd)


Where a survey affects more than one title it is generally required that separate applications are made for each title affected (i.e. where the survey is in discrete parts).

However, where a survey affects more than one title and the survey lines are continuous only one application is required.

Where application is made for approval of a continuous survey, which affects more than one title but those titles have different title holders, application for an Access Authority would need to be made.

Where a survey extends beyond the jurisdiction of WA's DMIRS into an adjoining adjacent area, application for Access Authority will need to be made in respect of those blocks affected.

To allow for timely approval and consideration of factors such as environmental assessment and land access issues, it is recommended that applications be submitted three months prior to commencement of operations.


State (onshore and offshore) application forms for Conducting a Survey are available to be downloaded and submitted online via the Petroleum and Geothermal Register (PGR).