Applying for an Underground Supervisor's Certificate of Competency

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2020 was passed by the Parliament of WA and assented to by the Governor in November 2020.

The supporting regulations to the WHS Act are being drafted and the legislation will be proclaimed when these regulations are ready.

The government is working towards proclaiming the new health & safety legislation in  2022.

Once the legislation is proclaimed, the assessment for the statutory certificates for the mining industry will be based on the new legislation.

There will be transitional provisions allowing the current certificated statutory position holders to continue functioning.

Underground supervisor certificate - application form - 695 Kb

This application from is used for gaining an underground supervisor's certificate.

Lodge your application online via the departmental submissions portal.

Required information

Underground supervisor’s certificate of competency - fact sheet - 234 Kb

This factsheet contains information on the requirements for the underground supervisor's certificate of competency.

Supporting documentation

The completed application form must be accompanied by:

  • evidence of attaining minimum age of 23 years (either a photocopy of a passport or driver’s licence)
  • certified copy of the appropriate degree with academic transcript (for graduates only)
    • Degree, Diploma or Associate Diploma in Mining Engineering from a recognised university, school of mines, or institute of technology
    • passed both mining practice and the mining law examination as set by the Board
  • copy of a character reference
  • copy of current first aid certificate
  • evidence of five years’ experience (two years for graduates) on a mine site, which must include
    • six months’ experience directly involved in ground support, haulage and transport and in general mine servicing
    • three months’ face experience in operating a rock drill on development and stoping face (a minimum of 65 shifts must be completed)
    • three months’ personal experience in using explosives in charging and firing both development and stoping rounds (a minimum of 65 shifts must be completed).

Evidence of experience

Letters confirming experience

  • Provided on company letterhead and signed off by a responsible officer of the company in which experience has been gained.
  • Include precise details of the types of duties performed, and the dates associated with each.
  • Drilling and blasting time must include the number of shifts if experience is less than five months.

Statutory declarations

  • May be acceptable only if the original document from a mine confirming experience cannot be obtained.

Inquiries, if conducted, to establish the accuracy of experience given in the form of a Statutory Declaration may delay finalisation of a decision on the application.

For information on who can witness an application and any other statutory declarations and certify copies of documents, refer to the Department of the Attorney General.

Statutory declaration - form - 237 Kb

Statutory declaration - form

Examination information

Venue and date

Applicants must nominate an examination venue.

Examinations schedule - certificates of competency - locations and dates - 244 Kb

This factsheet shows the schedule and location for WA certificates of competency examinations.

Past exam papers

Underground supervisor’s Prac Past Exam Papers - 111 Kb

Examples of underground supervisor’s Prac Past Exam Papers

Underground supervisor’s Law Past Exam Papers - 207 Kb

Examples of underground supervisor’s Law Past Exam Papers


A copy of the relevant legislation can be ordered, downloaded or viewed online at the Western Australian Legislation.

Application fee

For information regarding application and renewal fees please see Schedule of fees and charges below.

For information regarding application and renewal fees please see Schedule of fees and charges

Lodging the application

The completed and signed application form must be accompanied by:

  • all support documents
  • the fee, payable at lodgement
    • this can be paid by credit card
    • application to be lodged online


For enquiries please contact the Executive Officer to the Board of Examiners

Ph: (08) 9358 8014
Fax: (08) 9358 8000