FAQs on the notification of statutory appointments

For updated information relating to certificates of competency see Statutory positions

On 31 March 2022, the Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws replaced the health and safety elements of the Mines Safety and Inspection laws. For information visit www.dmirs.wa.gov.au/whs

Transitional arrangements may be in place for the compliance requirements on this page.

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What has changed?

Under mines safety legislation, some statutory appointments (e.g. registered manager) require that the district or senior inspector be notified or advised of the appointment. The other statutory appointments (e.g. electrical supervisor) may be advised to the department. All statutory appointments must be recorded in the mine record book.

Notifications of statutory appointments are made using the Notifications sub-system in the Safety Regulation System (SRS). This has removed the need for hard copy notifications to be advised to the relevant inspector.

This functionality enables industry to:

  • use a centralised method to notify the relevant inspector of statutory appointments
  • manage and update multiple statutory appointments for their site
  • generate appointment letters
  • prepare for the eventual replacement of the hard copy mine record book with online mine records.

Where do appointments fit into the site operation structure?

Appointments are made and recorded at the site operation (SG) level.  An appointee may be appointed for multiple SGs within a combined operation (CO) for appointments limited to a single mine. The Registered Manager (RM) will be appointed for all SGs within a CO.  Permission may be granted for an appointment to be made across multiple COs per the Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994 (MSIA).

A RM who has been granted permission to make appointments on behalf of the Principal Employer, may only do so for each SG they are appointed for.

Who can enter the appointment information into SRS?

The principal employer or registered manager can notify the department of a statutory appointment, or a person acting on their behalf.

A Company Administrator (CA) or a Company Representative can enter information into SRS. The CA can assign the role of Company Representative to any person required to notify appointments.

When the notification of a registered manager is accepted, that person will receive security access to Compliance, Health and Hygiene Sampling and Notifications sub-systems for assigned site/operation

How can I see and maintain current appointments?

SRS allows you to view and maintain all appointments from the Lodgement screen by selecting 'End dating existing Statutory Position Appointments' from the drop down list.

A video tutorial is available to assist users in the Maintenance of statutory appointments

What can I do if the appointee is not available in the drop down list?

The system has “add new” functionality. By entering all the mandatory fields a new person can be entered into the Notifications sub-system for your site. Once a new person is added, that name will appear in the drop down list from that point onwards.

Why does the Department require a residential address for certain appointments?

Under the Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994 the residential address of the appointee is required for certain positions. Where possible, the appointee’s e-mail address should be a work e-mail address.

Can I make or accept an appointment using an electronic signature?

Yes, either electronic or hand written signatures can be used by persons signing appointment letters and notifications of appointment. If electronic signatures are used, persons signing the appointment letter (i.e. the appointor and appointee) and the person signing the notification of appointment (i.e. the company administrator) must insert their electronic signatures themselves.

What statutory appointments can be reported through SRS?

Both notifiable and advised statutory positions can be reported through SRS. However, this does not include section 44 appointments.

Statutory positions that must be notified to the Department:

  • Registered Manager
  • Alternate Registered Manager
  • Underground Manager
  • Alternate Underground Manager
  • Quarry Manager
  • Alternate Quarry Manager
  • Exploration Manager
  • Ventilation Officer
    • Surface
    • Underground

Statutory positions that may be advised to the Department:

  • Deputy Registered Manager
  • Deputy Underground Manager
  • Deputy Quarry Manager
  • Exploration Activity Manager
  • Electrical Supervisor
  • High Voltage Operator
  • Radiation Safety Officer
  • Underground Supervisor
  • Excavation Officer
  • Construction Supervisor
  • Appointed Noise Officer
  • Authorised Mine Surveyor
    • Quarry
    • Underground

Those statutory appointments that are not reported through SRS still require that legislative requirements be met.

Do I still need to record statutory appointments in the mine record book?

Yes. Under legislation there is still the requirement to enter statutory appointments into the mine record book.

How is the inspectorate informed of statutory appointments lodged through SRS?

When a statutory appointment is lodged, an acknowledgement is automatically sent to the submitter and the appointment advised to the appropriate district inspector (DI) or senior inspector (SI) through SRS.

Statutory acknowledgements by the DI or SI will be sent by email to the appointee and to the RM for the site.

Will the Department be verifying all certifications of appointees?

The Department will only verify certifications issued by the Department (e.g. certificates of competency for first class mine manager, underground supervisor, quarry manager).

The responsibility to ensure appointees hold requisite competence remains with the Principal Employer and responsible persons.

Where specific approvals or qualifications are required prior to appointment, these should be submitted with the appointment.

Related information

For further information on the SRS system available at Safety Regulation System (SRS)

Who can I contact?

SRS Manager
Email: minessafety@dmirs.wa.gov.au
Phone:  (08) 9358 8001 (then select option 3)