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The Actions tab located on the Approvals summary page houses Precautions / Conditions / Notes  in relation to technical submissions  and /or exemptions and agreements for the site operation(s) / exploration company.   To view these will need to have security roles in the relevant areas.  For security roles please contact the SRS Company Administrator for Technical Submissions and / or Exemptions and Agreements.

Technical Submissions

Depending on the type of technical submission (dredge, shaft sinking etc), the Precaution / Condition / Note will be in one of the following statuses:
Issued: assoiciated with a submission in the 'approved conditional' status
Completion Notified: where an action has been completed and notified to the Department.
Action Noted: completed actions have been noted by the Department.
Withdrawn: a Precaution, Condition or Note where the (technical submission) submission has been withdrawn.

Exemptions and Agreements

Conditions or Notes relating to the Exemption / Agreement will be available under the Actions tab on the Approvals summary page. These are in the status:

Issued: a Condition /Note assoiciated with a submission in the 'approved conditional' status.
Withdrawn: Condition or Note where the submission  has been withdrawn.

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