Responsible Party Registration

To access SRS you need have an ex account, please find condensed instructions on registration and security roles here - Responsible Party Registration.

Firstly enter the verification codes provided in the welcome letter.

Check the company and site details are valid, contact the department to make changes before registering or associating an account if they are incorrect.

If associating an existing ex account enter the ex number and email address.

If the details provided are incorrect you will receive an error.

Once association has occured you will be presented with the exisiting account details, verify these before proceeding.

If changes are needed make these before progressing, once verified select "Login and Continue" and log onto SRS.

If registering for the first time, complete the mandatory details and select register.

You will be sent a confirmation email with your ex account number, this number will also display on the confirmation screen.

From here select "Login and Continue".

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Page Last Modified: 16-Nov-2015