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Business Intelligence Industry Information - (External)

The department has produced a suite of reports available to industry.  

Users (mining) with SRS security roles to Business Intelligence will have access to all eighteen reports. Exploration operation users have access to only one report 'Industry User Security Roles'.  Contact your SRS Company Administrator at your company to obtain security roles.

Note: You will be able to view security roles for all site operation(s) (SGs) under the Combined OperationFor more information on Combined Operations see information under the FAQs page.

Click Business Intelligence from the SRS Homepage.  Select Industry Information.

This opens the Business Intelligence summary.  The data is updated daily as the time shown under 'Information'.



Comparative Performance by Commodity

Comparative Performance by Operation Type 

Completed Audits and Inspections

Industry User Security Roles (Exploration and Mining)

Issued Site Visit Records

Monthly Status Reports

Open Defects

Open Exceedance Actions

Open Improvement Notices

Open Other Matters for Action

Open Prohibition Notices

Open Tasks

Open Tasks and Exceedance Actions


Submitted Incidents

Submitted Injuries


Workforce Summary

Using Filters

Report Filters

Video Tutorials

For detailed information on how to use Business Intelligence refer to video.  BI - Industry Information

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