Application Mutual Recognition - Statutory Declaration (all application types)

Mutual Recognition (application) Statutory Declaration

This application is required to be in a form of a statutory declaration which must be witnessed by an authorised witness. Please print, have it witnessed and attach an image of the completed application.


Once printed the application is locked. If you wish to make changes after the application is locked, you will have to unlock it and re-print the application.


The application will be saved and can be progressed later when the witnessed application is ready to be attached.



For Information on who can witness statutory declarations, please refer to;

Task Instruction
1. Follow the steps on the page to unlock the application.
2. Select the Next button


Print Statutory Declaration Form


Task Instruction
1. Select Open to print the statutory declaration
2. Select Save to save the statutory declaration to your computer to print a later time


Submit the signed Statutory Declaration form

You will need to submit the statutory declaration once it has been signed by an authorised witness.

Please ensure that all pages of the statutory declaration are scanned and attached.

Ensure that the Version number of the statutory declaration (see page 3) is the same as the Version number of the screen



 Task Instruction
1. Attach all pages of the signed statutory declaration to the application
2. Select the Next buttton


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