Exemptions and Agreements

Exemptions and Agreements Summary - (External)

From proclamation of the Work Health and Safety Laws (31/3/22) you are not required to submit Agreements.

General Exemptions not aligned with the WHSA 2020 Legislation will be revoked.

Specific mines safety exemptions applied by a mine under MSIA Legislation will continue to be available in SRS for users with security roles; albeit without the ability to make any amendments under the old legislation. These exemptions have been carried across in SRS (‘transitioned’), with varying expiry dates (Refer to the specific exemption).  

 In applying for an exemption under the WHSA 2020, the mine site or exploration company will need to download the requisite form from the Department website and submit via the email address provided on the form.  

To view historic submissions you will need SRS security access and security roles.  Contact the SRS Company Administrator for Exemptions and Agreements.


The grid displays historical exemptions / agreements  in the status of Declined, Withdrawn, Revoked or Expired.

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