Delete an Incomplete Application (all application types)

Delete an Incomplete Application

If the application status is “incomplete”, meaning that a payment has not been made, the application can be deleted.

Incomplete applications are visible on the Summary Page – Application / Submission Tab


Delete an Incomplete Application

Step 1

Task Instruction

1. Select Go to my Summary page

2. Select the Continue button

 Step 2

Task Instruction

1. Select the icon of the Application to be deleted

 Step 3


Task Instruction

1. Select the Application Tab

2. Select the Edit button

 Step 4


Task Instruction

1. Select the  icon

2. A pop up message appears “Are you sure you want to delete?

3. Select OK

The Application has been deleted and does not appear on the Summary page – Application / Submission Tab




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Page Last Modified: 15-Dec-2015