Health Management and Monitoring

Health Management and Monitoring - (External)

All mine operations and exploration operators are required to have a Health Management Plans or its equivalent in place.  Please refer Preparation guidance material. This page information of the summary page and links on how to submit New, Revisions and Annual reviews.


Users with the appropriate security role as Company Administrator, Company Representative, can prepare the submission.  Users with the Corporate Endorser security role can prepare and lodge the submission.  Contact the SRS Company Administrator for Submission / Health Management at your mine operation /exploaration company.

The Reference ID suffix denotes the type of submission:  N01 for New ; R01 for a Revision, or A01 for annual review.

To lodge click 'New'.

'Incomplete Approvals' show plans in incomplete status and 'Submitted Approvals' show plans (active, revisions, annual reviews) that been lodged to the Department.

HMPs can exist the following status:
-   Incomplete: Submissions (New, Revision or Annual Reviews) not  lodged to the Department
-   Under Assessment: Submissions (New, Revision or Annual Reviews) which are being assessed by the Department
-   On hold: Submissions which have been placed on hold by a request from the mine / exploration operation
-   Pending:  Internal assessment awaiting further information from a third pary / inter-agency
-   Pending–Awaiting Proponent (Re-submission Required): The submission is returned to the proponent for a number of items that require attention
-   Acknowledged: Following assessment the outcome of 'The Plan' which is active and valid for five years.
-   Declined:  A submission assessed and subsequently declined
-  Withdrawn: A submission withdrawn after lodgement as it is no longer applicable.

Video Tutorials

How to submit a Health Management Plan  submit HMP

How to upload the sampling plan using an excel template uploading the Sampling Plan

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