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Information on the Work Health and Safety Laws

Work health and safety laws | Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (  This link takes you to a page outside SRS.

Registrations for Dangerous Goods security card and/or Dangerous Goods licences

Registrations for a dangerous goods licence or a security card click here

Registrations for Dangerous Goods entities: Compliance Audits and Notices

Registering an SRS account via the Department website - Registering for SRS online via Department website

Quick guide to access and manage your SRS account -  Access and manage accounts 

Registrations for Mining and Exploration

Registering an SRS account - Registering for SRS online via Department website

Registrations of users via  the company / entity SRS company administrators -  Register and manage accounts via company administrators

Administration - Mining and Exploration

Quick guide to access and manage your SRS account -  Access and manage accounts 

Conduct a (bi-annual) user access review of security roles by a company administrator  -  Conduct a user access review

Combined Operations and the submission of Project Management Plan approvals

Audits, Inspections and Site Visit Records (mining/exploration)

Audits  -  Quick help

Inspections and Inspection Records  - Inspections and site visit records

Health Management Plans (mining / exploration)

Preparation of a Health Management Plans - guide

Health Management and Monitoring submissions (mining/exploration)

Bulk Lodgements in SRS

Health and Hygiene code index

Guide to Adjustment of atmospheric contaminant exposure standards

Exceedance action - Information sheet

Levy (mining/exploration)

Levy Audit  - FAQs_mines safety levy audit

Levy information - FAQs_mines safety inspection levy

Notifications (mining/exploration)

Notifiable incidents - points to consider when writing a industry summary for industry awareness

Injuries, Status report examples and case scenarios

Notifications -  Incident notification - guide (

Injury - Injury classification code index

Appointments - Statutory Appointments (mining)

Notification of statutory appointments by a Registered Manager or Principal Employer - FAQs.  This takes you to the Department's main website.

Health and Safety  Representatives (HSR) (mining /exploration)

The following links will take to the Department's website:

What is a Health and Safety Representative for a mining operation?

How is a  Health and Safety rRpresentative elected for a mining operation?

How can a Health and Safety Representative improve the health of a mining operation?

What employees and employers need to know?

Notification of the result of election of Health and Safety Representatives

Handbook - Health and Safety  representatives

Flowchart - Electing a Health and Safety Representative

Poster -  Health and Safety Representatives matter

Investigating incidents for HSRs

SHR audit guide

HSR audit template


Notices (mining/exploration)

Notices - Improvement and Prohibition notices - Quick help


Information sheet - Related Communications  in SRS

Information Sheet - Prefixes used in SRS Reference IDs (industry)

PowerPoint - Overview of SRS  Mine safety information session (2016) 

Combined Operations (CO) (mining)   FAQs

Regional mining inspectorate boundaries in WA

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