Completed Audits and Inspections

Completed Audits and Inspections - (External)

This report includes a list of completed audits and inspections for the selected mine site operation(s).

Winding system submissions

Select Report Period, Mine Operator (MO), Combined Operations (CO) and Site Operation (SG). Refer to Report Filters page for more information.
Click the ‘View Report’ button on the right hand side of the page, each time a new filter is chosen.

The total count on the top left of the report is a count based on the unique Reference IDs.  Line items may appear to be repeated with duplicate Reference IDs displayed across multiple lines. This is because there are variations in items e.g. attendees, dates, site operations etc.   


For further information relating to SRS, please contact the Department on 08 9358 8001 (option 3), or For accident notifications and enquiries, please phone 1300 307 877. 

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