DG Safety Notices

DG Notices and Actions  Summary - (External)

In this section you can view all Tasks, Dangerous Goods Infringement and Remediation Notices that have been issued to a particular entity.  This area is available to users with the relevant security roles and access. 

To register external users to an entity or a  DG licensed site and provide them security roles click Registration.


My Tasks on the Summary shows a list of tasks relating to audits and/or inspections. Here you can find tasks relating to the Audit or Inspection where you are either I am the Owner, I am Assignee and/or I am Responsible. In order to action a task, you will need to be the 'Owner' or 'I am Responsible' person. 

See also Tasks

The columns in the grid can be sorted in ascending/descending order by clicking each column header; E.g. Due Date, Licence No. etc..

To open a notice, click the open folder icon in the grid. To open the notice in a new browser window click the icon



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