Status Reports

Status Report Data Check (External)

This report provides a comparison table between the manually entered data and actual data within the Incident Summary section of Status Report Form. It also shows the Outstanding and Incomplete Status Report forms for selected Company and Site Group.

Select Report Period, Mining Operator (MO), Combined Operator and Site Operation (SG). Refer to Report Filters page for more information.
Click the ‘View Report’ button on the right hand side of the page, each time a new filter is chosen.

The report shows the following:  

- Total count of ‘Submitted Status Reports’ and ‘Outstanding Status Reports’ which is displayed on the top left hand side, with the status of outstanding SRFs displayed in red.

- Comparison between:

  • Reported Relevant Incident and Relevant Incident
  • Reported Lost Time Injury and Lost Time Injury
  • Reported Days Lost from Work and Days Lost from Work
  • Reported Restricted Duty Day and Restricted Duty day
  • Reported Workers on Restricted Duty and Workers on Restricted Duty
  • Reported Treatment Injury and Treatment Injury
  • Reported Death and Death

(‘Reported’ means data submitted manually the other column is what has actually been submitted to The Department)


For further information relating to SRS, please contact the Department on 08 9358 8001 (option 3), or For accident notifications and enquiries, please phone 1300 307 877

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