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Register an existing account for Dangerous Goods security card/ licences - (External)

This page provides information on how to link an existing online Department account to obtain/renew a Dangerous Goods security card and/or a licence.

You will receive a renewal intimation by email providing you a personal verification code and a link.

Once you have entered the verification code the system will return your details and will ask to link an existing account (an online Department account that you are currently registered with)  or to proceed to create a new account.


To link an existing online account and proceed for a dangerous goods security card/licence

To link an existing online account select 'Yes' and click Next.
Complete the details below.  Fields that are mandatory fields are denoted with *.
Click Next.

Once your details have been checked you will be asked to confirm existing account details.  At this point you may either choose to use the current account or specify a new account.


To use current account:

Click Login and Continue.
If you wish to make changes to the details of this account click 'click here' which will take you to a new page where you can update your detai.s

To register a different Department account:

If you choose to register a different account, you will need to provide a new account name and email address, these will need to be unique to the system.

Click Previous.

Once you have linked your account(s) successfully you will receive confirmation and may proceed to login.



Register a new account for a DG security card/licence

Verification code for a personal licence

Verification code for a company / site licence


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