Dangerous Goods Licence Registrations

Dangerous Goods licences and security card registrations - (External)

This page provides information on how to register for a new Dangerous Goods security card  or apply to renew an existing dangerous goods licence.

Before you choose to create a new account or register an existing Department account, ascertain if you hold a dangerous goods licence or security card.  See further links below.

Click on the relevant link(s) provided in your renewal email.

Once you confirm you hold a licence you will now need to enter the licence / security card number and date of birth.

The system will then display your current details and licence(s) / security card(s).

You will now be asked whether to create a new account or use the existing Department account:

Create a new account

Link an already existing Department account

Video Tutorials:

Registrations video tutorials are available please refer Dangerous Goods Licensing

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