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Related Communication - (External)

The Related Communication tab within each notification in SRS, is used to communicate with the Department at any time.  Users with relevant security roles are able to send / seek information by using the Industry Information / Industry Query buttons.   Other information and attachments is available relevant to the referenced (Reference ID) notificaiton.   External 

To view the information sheet on related communications, click here.

Click the Related Communication tab in the application wizard  to communicate prior to submitting a notification.


Types of Related Communications

  • New Industry Information This type of communication is to provide information.  E.g. you may wish to add information about an injury report etc.
  • New Industry Query - This type of communication is where you wish to receive a response.  It will create a task for the recipient to respond.  

New Industry Information

Click the button 'New Industry Information' to send information
Click the cc drop down to select; click the + icon, t
o copy another colleague. Cc multiple users who have security roles.
To delete a recipient, select the recycle bin icon. 
Click the 'attach file' icon and choose from your local system. Files of up to 160mb are accepted in most formats.

Click 'Send'.   OR to send later;
Click 'Save as draft'. The pencil icon that becomes available to complete and send later.  The saved draft can also be seen under 'My Drafts' on the SRS Homepage.
To delete a draft communication (i.e. not sent out), simply click cancel.

New Industry Query

Click New Industry Query to seek information from the Department
Complete the Title and Description field (free text). 
Click 'Send'.  A task/alert will be sent via SRS.  

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Can I delete a communication? 

Only draft communications can be deleted. Once a communication is sent it cannot be deleted.

I wish to copy a colleague but (they) are not in the cc (carbon copy) dropdown list? Why?

The most likely reason is that the user is either not registered in SRS or the person does not have the relevant security role.  Contact the SRS company administrator  of your site operation / company for access.

How do i respond to a query from SRS Manager.   Will it be directed appropriately?

Open the task and click  'Carry out task - Reply' icon under the links and actions.  The SRS manager will direct the response to the sender, accordingly. For further information on tasks click Tasks.

I have sent the Department
a query and have received a response.  How do I close out this query?

Once you receive a response and you want to close the task immediately,  Click to open the communicaiton and click the 'mark the task as complete'.   If not closed out, the system will close the communication after a few days.

See Tasks for help.

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