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Video Tutorials (External)

A suite of videos providing external users information on how to complete various SRS tasks.

Dangerous Goods

System Access

How to register for SRS to obtain an explosives or dangerous goods (DG) licence for individuals with a DG licence but do not have a department account - Register users with a DG licence

How to register for SRS to obtain an explosives or dangerous goods (DG) licence for individuals without a DG licence and do not have a department account - Register users without a DG licence

How to submit a new explosives or dangerous goods (DG) licence application (includes Dangerous Goods Driver, Explosives Driver, and Shot-firing licence applications). Submitting an explosives or DG licence application  


System Access and User Access Reviews

The following videos provide the company administrators information on access to SRS.

How to register for an SRS account - registering an account

How to access and manage your SRS account - access and manage

How to register and grant roles in SRS as a company administrator - company administrator

How to complete a user access review as a company administrator - user access review


How to submit an exemption (dredge, winding, shaft sinking) - submit mine safety exemption

How to submit a new agreement to operate without a Quarry or Underground Manager - operate without a Quarry./ Underground Manager

How to submit a new Health and Hygiene Management Plan (HHMP) - submit HHMP

How to upload a health and hygiene sample plan using an excel template - uploading HHMP

Business Intelligence Industry Reports

Business Intelligence reports for mine sites - Industry Information

Health and Hygiene 

These videos provide guidance on how to submit health and hygiene samples for mine site and exploration operations.

An atmospheric sample with an exceedance  - Atmospheric with exceedance
An atmospheric sample without an exceedance  - Atmospheric without exceedance

A noise sample with an exceedance  - Noise with exceedance
A noise sample without an exceedance  - Noise without exceedance

A biological sample with an exceedance  - Biological with exceedance
A biological sample without an exceedance  - Biological without exceedance

How to action exceedances - Exceedance action

Injury Report Notifications

How to lodge a mining / exploration injury report - IRF submission  

How to edit an incomplete  mining / exploration injury report - Edit incomplete notification

How to code injuries  mining / exploration  - Add coding

Monthly Status Reports Notifications

How to lodge a mining / exploration monthly status report. Lodging MSR

How to update a  mining / exploration monthly status report. Updating carry over injuries

Statutory Appointments Notifications

How to lodge appointment of a mining statutory position (for a new appointment) by the Registered Manager - Appointment of a new person by a registered manager 

How to lodge appointment of a mining / exploration statutory position (for an appointment already registered in SRS) by the Principal Employer - Appointment of an existing person by a principal employer 

How to edit a statutory position (of existing)mining/exploration appointments  - Maintenance of statutory appointments  includes viewing all current appointments and end dating existing records.

Safety and Health Representatives (SHREPs) Notifications

How to notify an election of a mining / exploration Safety and Health Representative - Notification of election

How to maintain current elected mining / exploration Safety and Health Representative - Maintenance of existing information includes updating, correspondence , end of term date, details incorrectly recorded  and adding training dates.

Related Communications - Communicating with the Department using SRS

The following video provides information on how to access, reply, forward, close and print communications received.
How to communicate using Related Communications SRS - SRS Related Comms

Site Visit Records - Audits and Inspections

 How to view an audit summary - summary

How to access a site visit notification received by email - notifications of scheduled site visits

How to access a site visit record (SVR) received by email -  access and view SVR

How to access and action defects and other matters arising from a site visit - Defects and Other Matters

How to access and action notices (Improvement or Prohibition) -  Notice


Technical Submissions

How to lodge a submission to use, repair or modify a dredge - Dredge

How to lodge a new high voltage installation notification - High Voltage Installation

How to lodge a new shaft sinking submission - Shaft Sinking

How to lodge a submission for the use, repair, modification or alteration of a winding system - Winding system

How to complete an action for a note, precaution or condition  - Action

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