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This page shows you how to maintain existing Safety and Health Representatives (SHReps) for mine site operation(s) or exploration companies.


Existing Safety and Health Representatives (SHReps) elected for one or more mine site operation (SGs)  will be listed in the grid on this page .




Maintain a single SHRep

Use the filter to select a specific person
Click the pencil icon to edit.  This opens the dialog box.

The following fields are editable:

Representatives preferred correspondence method
End of Term date
Training Completed
Never Applicable

Click Save.

The updated SHRep will be highlighted in bold.
If 'Never Applicable' has been updated 'Yes' will also show in the 'Never Applicable' column.



Maintain multiple SHReps

Where multiple SHReps are elected, these will be listed in the grid.
Select each SHRep representative listed in the grid
Click the pencil icon to edit.  Update as required.
The updated SHReps will be highlighted in bold.

Where a safety and health representative (SHRep) is appointed at other site operations and with the same start of term date and as that currently updated, then the change will take place across site operations.  See also FAQs.



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Information on how to update multiple SHReps using a single notification See FAQs

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