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Workforce Summary - (External)

There are two charts included in this report:

The Report Period defaults to 24 months, which can be changed to a 12-month period from the drop down.  The month up to which data is available is 2 months prior to the month the report is run e.g. A report run anytime in the month of August it will show figures up to the end of June (which is the month prior to the last completed month of July).

Select Report Period, Principal Employer (PE), Combined Operations (CO) and Site Operation (SG). Refer to Report Filters page for more information.
Click the ‘View Report’ button on the right hand side of the page, each time a new filter is chosen.

1.1 Average number of Employees and Contractors

This chart shows the average number of workers (employees and contractors) per month at the selected site operation(s).  The figures available in the charts are taken from 'approved' Monthly Status Reports (MSR).  MSRs in the status 'QA Required' are not included.

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1.2 Safety and Health Representatives

This chart shows the number of Safety and Health Representatives (SHReps) per month at the selected site operation(s).  Only 'accepted' SHRep appointments notified to the Department, are included.

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For further information relating to SRS, please contact the Department on 08 9358 8001 (option 3), or For accident notifications and enquiries, please phone 1800 SAFE MINE (1800 7233 64).

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