Safety Regulation System

Safety Regulation System (SRS) - (External)

The Safety Regulation System (SRS) is a corporate online system that aims to provide an integrated and efficient management for  the Resources Safety Division of the Department.  It encompasses the mining, exploration, dangerous goods, petroleum and critical risk business areas. This page provides information and further links of what can be accessed on the SRS Homepage.


SRS Subsystems

The various areas in SRS are known as subsystems.   They provide external users with security roles access to and the reporting of compliance and notifications to the Department.  Communicating with the officers/inspectors of the Department is also undertaken within SRS.  External users will require to register and gain security role access.  See further information below.

  • Dangerous Goods

Licensing  Certification & Registrations:  Application for dangerous goods licences and security cards

Compliance:   Inspections of dangerous goods companies and entities;  Infringement and Remediation Notices

  • Mining


Project Management Plans (PMP) for mine site operations

Radiation Management Plans (RMP) for mining and exploration operations

Technical Submission - Dredge, High Voltage, Shaft Sinking and Winding Systems for mine site operations

Health and Hygiene Management Plans for mine site operations


Audits, Inspections, and  Site Visit Records for mine site operations and exploration companies

Compliance of Improvement and Prohibition Notices for mine site operations and exploration companies


Reporting of injuries (IRF, notifiable incidents (NIRF) and monthly status reports (MSR) for mine site operations and exploration companies

Appointments of statutory positions for mine site operations

Appointments of Safety and Health Representatives (SHREPs) for mine site operations and exploration companies


Health and Hygiene: 

Bulk lodgements of workers within a company / site operations for atmospheric noise and biological reports for mine site operations and exploration companies

Submission of individual work samples -  atmospheric, noise and biological reports for mine site operations and exploration companies

Navigating to subsystems

To navigate to the individual subsystem you will need the relevant security role.  Only those subsystems to which the user has the relevant security roles, will be available on the Homepage. 

To navigate click the Continue button against  the subsystem.

Saving your work and Logging out of the system

Users are encouraged to 'save-as-you-go', when working within the SRS.  To save, click on the save icon.  See Useful information page on SRS Icons

To log out, select the ex-number on the top of the SRS Homepage and click logoff. 


Quick Search

SRS provides a Reference ID for each item generated within the system. To access an item from the Home page, enter the known Reference ID.  You must enter the full Reference ID.

To search and enter the area directly, use the following steps:

  • Enter the known Reference ID (e.g. OC-087-199467) in the free text field.
  • Select Go button.
  • If the user does not have security roles, an error message will pop up (see snapshots below).


  • The system does not accept wildcard or a partial Reference ID. An error message will be displayed if entered Reference ID is incomplete.


Search public information

At the bottom of the SRS Homepage under Search Public Information, you can access public information such as Safety Bulletins, Fatality Summary, Significant Incidents.  


For general user registrations to various SRS subsystems click  SRS Registrations

For dangerous goods security card and licence registrations click Dangerous Goods Licences Registrations

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