Safety Regulation System

Safety Regulation System (SRS) - (External)

The Safety Regulation System (SRS) is a corporate online system that aims to provide an integrated and efficient management for the Department. 

For general user registrations to various SRS subsystems click  SRS Registrations

For dangerous goods security card and licence registrations click Dangerous Goods Licences Registrations

The links displayed on the top of the SRS the Homepage will depend on the user's security roles and access. 

SRS Sub Systems

According to the user's security roles in SRS the SRS Homepage displays the following subsystems.

Mining and Exploration




Health and Hygiene

Dangerous Goods  licences and security card applications

Licensing  Certification & Registrations   

Dangerous Goods licences and security card registrations

Dangerous Goods Safety  Inspections, Infringements and Remediation Notices


Quick Search

SRS provides a Reference ID for each item generated within the system. To access an item from the Home page, enter the known Reference ID.  You must enter the full Reference ID.

To search and go to a notification:

  • Enter the known Reference ID (e.g. OC-087-199467) in the free text field.
  • Select Go button.

  • The system does not accept wildcard or a partial Reference ID. An error message will be displayed if entered Reference ID is incomplete.

  • If the user does not have security roles, an error message will pop up.  

See also Search on the Homepage

Search Public Information

The links under Search Public Information, provides  public information to take you to mining and exploration Safety Bulletins and Reports.  

Saving your work

Click the Save icon to 'save-as-you-go', when working within the SRS.   See SRS Icons on the Useful information page

Logging out

Click the ex-number on the top of the SRS Homepage and click logoff.

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