Safety Regulation System

Safety Regulation System (SRS) - (External)

The Safety Regulation System (SRS) is a corporate online system available to external users with SRS access and security roles.   

Mining and Exploration - To obtain access (ex-account) and security roles, contact the SRS Company Administrator at your mine or Exploration Company.  See - SRS Registrations

Dangerous Goods Licences - For Dangerous Goods security card and licence registrations see - Dangerous Goods Licences Registrations.

Menu bar (External)

The menu bar displays My Profile, Search and Help.  Click Search to conduct a search in various sub systems.  See - Search page for further information.  The Help button takes you the help on the page clicked.

Business Intelligence (mining) and Administration is available to mining and exploration users with relevant external security roles.   


SRS sub-systems

The available sub-systems on the summary page depends on the security roles of the user.  Security roles will be provided by the SRS Company Administrator.  Contact the SRS Company Administrator at your mine or Exploration Company.


Search 'Public Information' for mines safety and exploration publication bulletins.

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