Approvals - (External)

The Approvals sub system houses applications and assessments of the following:

Depending on the area (i.e. Technical Submissions, Project Management Plans etc.) are three types of SRS security roles required. The Company Administrator; Company Representative ; Corporate Endorser.    The Administrator and Representative can create, prepare and submit  an application.  However, in some areas it is only the user with the Corporate Endorser security role who can submit the application.  By default this role is given to the Registered Manager.   

To obtain security roles contact the SRS Company Administrator at your mine site or exploration company.  Refer to SRS registrations.


Exemptions and Agreements

Health and Hygiene Management Plan Submissions - New/Revisions/Annual Reviews

Health and Hygiene - The Management Plan

Project Management Plan submissions  (mining)

Radiation Management Plans submissions  (exploration)

Technical Submissions

Actions  Summary- Precautions Conditions  Notes

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