Project Management Plan

Project Management Plan Summary - (External)

This page provides summary on Project Management Plans (PMP) .

There are three types of SRS security roles available.  The Company Administrator; Company Representative ; Corporate Endorser.  With these roles the user can prepare but it is only the user with the Corporate Endorser security role who can submit the application.  By default, the Company Endorser security role is given to the Registered Manager.  For further information and to obtain security roles contact the SRS Company Administrator.  Further information, SRS Registrations.

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  • Management Plan Title and Mine Details
  • Type of Mine
  • Project Overview
  • Mine Geology
  • Surface Facilities
  • Construction
  • Treatment/Process/Smelter/Refinery Facilities
  • Open Pit/Quarry Operations
  • Underground Operations
  • Emergency Response & Preparedness
  • Training & Competency
  • Safety and Risk Management
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