Registration to the Safety Regulation System (SRS)

Registration to the Safety Regulation System (SRS) - (External)

Registration for Company Users

Instructions for general user registration, reset passwords, grant security roles can be found here Guide to Registration and Manage Accounts 

Condensed instructions for SRS Account management can be found on this .pdf -  Information Sheet - Online Registration

Registration for Dangerous Goods Security Card and Licence(s) holders

To renew your Dangerous Goods Security Card (DGSC) you will need to Register for a new account or if you have an existing account click Register existing account.


FAQs  (Company users)

The following SRS security roles are applicable:

Who is a company administrator? 

The company administrator  is a person who has registered for a company administrator security role for a given sub system(s).  They have the authority to grant access to new users or revoke roles for SRS users who have left the company.  However, company administrators can only grant access or revoke roles for sub systems they have company administrator security role.   There can be a maximum of 3 company administrators for any given sub system.

If there is no existing company administrator, apply for the security role via the DMP online system.  Refer - Guide to Registration and Manage Accounts 

See also Company Administration

Who is a company representative?

A company representative is a level below the company administrator.  They are able to submit SRS notifications but do not have the authority to grant security access/roles to other users.  There can be multiple company representatives for a sub system.  To register as a company representative, in the first instance, contact an existing SRS company administrator. 

Who is a corporate endorser?

This security role is available for mining Approvals , for the submission of Project Management Plans (PMP).  A corporate endorser can create and submit applications for a Project Management Plan (PMP) or Radiation Management Plan (RMP). 

For New (N) submission lodgements, the corporate endorser security role is to be provided at the combined operation (CO) level. 

For Major changes / expansion to existing (MC) submission lodgements, the corporate endorser security role is to be granted at the site operation (SG) level. 

FAQs (mining operations only)

I have an ex-user account but cannot see the  SRS sub systems for my site operation (SG)/ Combined Operation (CO).  How do I go about gaining access?

You will need to be provided security roles in the relevant sub systems either as company administrator or company representative. Contact the SRS company administrator for the site operation / company /entity and ask they provide you the security role.  See Company Administrator - Manage user.

If there is no SRS company administrator for that sub system, and you have an ex-account, you can apply for that role via manage your account from the  SRS Home page on the DMP website..  Refer -
Guide to Registration and Manage Accounts 

I need to report mining notifiable incidents/ injuries/monthly statistics.  How can I do this?

To report mining notifications (injuries, notifiable incidents, monthly status reports) you will need to have security roles for the Notifications sub system, either the company administrator or company representative security role in the relevant areas of the Notifications sub system.  Once you have these roles, enter the sub system Notifications and lodge a new notification.


To register for security roles refer - Guide to Registration and Manage Accounts 

Company Administrators refer - Company Administrator - Manage user.

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