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Registrations to the Safety Regulation System (SRS) - (External)

Registrations for general SRS users to a site operation / exploration company or dangerous goods entity (e.g. petrol stations) can be found on the useful information page by clicking
Dangerous Goods (security card and licence holders) registrations can be found on the useful information page by clicking here.



What are SRS subsystems?

The information on this webpage will provide you information on sub systems.  Click here

How can I get sub system(s) access and security roles for a site operation or dangerous goods entity?

In the first instance, contact your existing SRS company administrator within your entity or mine site. 

What kinds of SRS security roles are available to users for mining and dangerous goods?

There are three types of security roles for external users exploration and mine site operations.  Dangerous goods compliance (audits and notices) also require these roles

  • Company Administrator
  • Company Representative
  • Corporate Endorser (for Mining/Exploration Approvals only)    

What is the SRS Company Administrator security role? 

A company administrator will have the authority to:

  • register new users to secure an online account which can be used across Department's (E.g. Ex123456). 
  • grant SRS security roles (either as administrator, company endorser or company representative) to users with an online account.
  • revoke security roles of existing users from the company or site operation.  

Refer - Company Administrators

How many Company Administrators for a given sub system? 

There can be up to a maximum of three  company administrators.  For example,

  • Approvals: Project Management Plans - 3 Company Administrators ; Radiation Management Plans - 3 Company Administrators etc.
  • Compliance:  Audits - 3 Company Administrators ;  Notices- 3 Company Administrators ;  
  • Health and Hygiene: Bulk Lodgements - 3 Company Administrators ;    Individual lodgement Atmospheric - 3 Company Administrators ; Individual lodgement Noise - 3 Company Administrators ;  etc,
  • Notifications:  Injury - 3 Company Administrators ;    Incidents - 3 Company Administrators ;   Statutory Positions - 3 Company Administrators ;  Technical submission High voltage - 3 Company Administrators; etc.

What is a Company Representative security role?

A company representative is registered by the company administrator.  They have the ability to undertake general tasks such as communicate, notify, comply etc. There can be multiple company users  within a given area in SRS. 

What is a Corporate Endorser role?

This  security role is for the submissions of Approvals  -  Project Management Plans (Mining) or Radiation Management Plan (Exploration). The security role can be provided by the SRS company administrator for PMPs / RMPs.  The endorser role enables the submission of a PMP / RMP to the Department. 

For New (N) approval (lodgements), the security role is provided at the Combined Operation (CO) level.
For Major changes / Expansion to existing (MC) type of submissions (lodgements), the security role is provided at the site operation (SG) level. 


How do I obtain an SRS Company Administrator security role?

There can be up to 3 Company Administrators. In the first instance, ask the existing company administrator  to grant the remaining company administrator security roles.  If there is no company administrator for the subsystem, you will need to register for access to this role. -  See Guide to general registration and manage your SRS account 

What if there is no existing SRS Company Administrator in my company or site operation? 

Register for an account and ask for SRS security roles via the Department website.  See Online systems on the Department website.

How do I apply for a Dangerous Goods security card or licence(s)? 

See Dangerous Goods security card and licence holder registrations below.

How do I register for an SRS account?

Click  Guide to general registration and manage your SRS account  on the Useful Information page.

Registrations for Dangerous Goods security card and licence(s) holders

Dangerous Goods security card and licence(s) holders registrations click here

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