Notice - Details

Notice (External)

Under the Notice tab you are able to view details of an notice (improvement or prohibition). 

A quick help pdf. guide can be found here - Quick help



Status -  'Issued' 

Click 'Notice' under the Notice tab
Click 'Expand / Collapse All' to view the details. 

Click  'Print Notice' to open and print the notice in a pdf format.

Click 'Referral for Review' under the notice tab.  Here you can  submit a request for a new due date or seek referral for a review (Improvement or a Prohibition ) or for a request for a new due date (Improvement) for compliance.

Click 'View Review Request'.  This is available if a referral has been made.

Click 'Notify Compliance'. Here you can notify compliance as requested and provide action taken.  Click 'Attach files/ to attach documents in support.

Status -  'Review Requested' 

Status -  'Compliance Notified'


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