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Position Details - (External)

Existing appointees will have the start date reinstated from the date of  WHSA proclamation (31/3/22) to transition to an end date as provided in the WHSA 2020 Legislation.

Transitional provisions for Statutory Position appointments can be found in the Act - WHSA 2020.

Existing Appointees will have the following message is displayed where a site has no EXISTING statuotry appointees for which the notifier has security roles.    
E.g. the Company representative has chosen 'Maintain a stat position' from the lodgement page.  The user has security roles for two sites - SG0000002 and SG00000032.  
The user chooses SG000002 only, under step 1.  SG000002 does not have statutory position notified appointments.
The following message is displayed "There are no active Statutory Appointments for the selected industry details"

A blocking error will prevent the submission of this appointment.

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Page Last Modified: 14-Jun-2017