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Key Statutory position appointments under the Work Health and Safety Act 2020 and Legislation, must be notified to the Department.  These are notified by the mine operator or the site senior executive (SSE).

The Review step with no errors, allows you to Submit.
Errors flagged in red must be corrected to allow 'Submit'.

Errors flagged in the Review step
Click on the blue button to take you to the step to correct the error. 
Enter the address and start date in Position Details - Step 2.

Click the Postion Details button and correct the date in Step 2.
The 'End date' of an existing appointee should be after their 'Start' date - 15/3/2022' in step 2 - Position Details.

The 'Start date' of the new appointee should be after the 'End' date - 15/3/2022' of the existing in step 2 - Position Details.

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