Other Matters for Action

Other Matters for action (External)

Other matters for action (OM) contain a list of defects raised during an audit and /or an inspection, and is listed in the site visit record (SV).  It is the responsibility of the site operation(s) to notify the Department of steps taken to complete them.

Other Matter overview

The Other Matter overview shows options available in the status of 'Open'

An other matter in the status of 'Completion Notified'. 

Related Communication

The Related Communication tab enables users to send a query or provide information and attach files.  See Related Comms

Related Item

Click this tab to see the related inspection (or the audit) and the Site Visit Record.
To navigate to each of these, click the open folder icon or click the pop up summary icon to open the information in a new browser.


The History tab shows various status changes of the OM .

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