Lodge a HSR Notification

Lodge New - (External)

For a mine site or exploration company you can submit:

  • a new notification to elect a Health and Safety Representative
  • a notification in order to maintain (edit) an existing  Health and Safety Representative.  

Industry user with security roles and SRS access to the Notifications (Appointments) sub-system will be able to access these areas. See FAQs.

Further information Click - Work health and safety laws | Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (dmirs.wa.gov.au)  This takes you to the Department website, outside SRS.

From the Appointments Summary page:

Click New. This takes you to the 'Lodgement' console.
Select the area - Mining or Exploration
Select the type - Maintain existing  Health and Safety Representatives
Click Continue.


Video Tutorials:

Video Tutorials

Further Information:

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