Other Information

Other Information - (External)

This step allows entry of any information, attachments to supplement the notification.

Attach files
Click the Attach file icon to open the file location.
Select the file and click open.  Once the upload has completed and the file is ready to be attached, the file will be displayed.

To delete a file in the process of attaching click delete.
To add an uploaded file, click the Add button.  This will accept the uploaded file to the grid below.
To delete a file that has been added to the grid below, select the row to highlight.
Click the delete icon.

View attached files
To view files added to the grid, click the open icon.  A message prompt will be displayed. Click Open to view the attached file in a new browser window.

Request for further information

Where a request for further information is received from the Department, you will receive an alert. 

Click to carry out task.

This takes you to the wizard where you may supply information under 'Other Information'

Click Submit to submit the 'Incomplete' to the status of 'Current Submission'.


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