Applicant details

Licences can only be granted to an individual, a body corporate or a partnership.

An application from an individual must include a copy of the applicant’s current motor driver’s licence for proof of entity.

An application from a body corporate must be in the name as described on the certificate of incorporation, and the original certified copy of the certificate is to be provided with the application.

The following are also recognised as corporate bodies:

  • Federal or State Government Departments
  • Local Government authorities (Cities, Towns, Shires)
  • Some semi-government organisations (e.g. Water Corporation, Western Power)

Where an unincorporated body owns/operates/leases premises or a site, or undertakes an activity (and does not wish, or is not eligible, to become incorporated (i.e. small businesses, associations, etc.) an eligible individual must be nominated to be the applicant.

An application from a partnership must include:

  • a certified copy of evidence of the partnership; and
  • a statutory declaration from each partner stating:
  • the name of the partnership
  • the name, home address and contact details of all partners; and
  • business in which the partnership is engaged.

The licence will be granted in the name of the partnership.

Applications may be received in respect to premises that are operating under a trust. The licence cannot be granted to a trust, but can be granted to, as an example, "The trustees of the ABC Trust". Applications from trusts must include:

  • a certified copy of a document which states the name of trust; and
  • the name, home address and contact details of at least one of the trustees.

If the nominated trustee is a body corporate or partnership, the documents required are the same as advised above for such entities.

Licences cannot be granted to business names or trading names.

Please ensure that a contact number is provided in case the Departmental assessor needs to clarify matter or seek additional information. A residential business address is mandatory and may be supplemented with a post office address.

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