Site to be licensed

Adequate land title information must be provided to enable the precise location of the site or compound for pre-licence assessment and for future inspection purposes. Applicants must wherever possible provide Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates that may be specified as:
  • longitude/latitude (geographic) coordinates using the Geocentric Datum of Australia 1994 (GDA94);   or
  • eastings/northings (projected) coordinates which should be in Map Grid of Australia (MGA94) metres east (X) and metres north (Y) and specify the zone.

For example, GPS coordinates for ABC Storage Site - Geographic: 121°29’28”E, 30°44’24”S (or in decimal degrees 121.4913°E, 30.7399°S).

Projected: 355574.17, 6598246.30, zone 51

Complimentary site information can include certificate of title (CT) number, mine site tenement number, Reserve number/name (e.g. 38575/Baldivis, 3540/Kalgoorlie).
This data is also used for dangerous goods emergency management purposes in cases of accidents and incidents and therefore it is important that there is no confusion between lot numbers and street numbers.

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