History of applications submitted to Dept.

A list of your applications submitted to Resources Safety Division. Each application is identified by its Application ID, Applicant Name and Site Address, and Date Submitted.

The applications are listed in Date Submitted order.

View application:

Click on the "View application" button to preview your submitted application. This will show a popup window, which will list your application in PDF format. Along with the supporting documentation also able to be previewed.

Create new based on:

Click on the "Create a new based on" button to create a new application based upon the application you have chosen from its last saved point. Your new application will be given a new Application ID and the application will be un-saved. Be sure to save your new application.

Update/refresh the list of applications:

To update the list of submitted applications you will need to press the "Reload" button to refresh the page contents.

Up to 6 applications are displayed on the page at one time. If you have more than 6 applications you can switch between them by using the next/previous utility buttons.

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Page Last Modified: 15-Dec-2009