Step 3 - Location & Activity Specifics

Location & Activity Specifics - (External)   

This page provides in the Location and Activity specifics step for mining and exploration.  * denotes mandatory fields which must be completed.

Select Surface or Underground from the dropdown.
Enter detailed location where incident occurred.    
Enter the GPS (Global Positioning System). This is not a mandatory field.
Select a site activity from the dropdown.  

Construction: refers to an activity involving construction, erection, installation, alteration, dismantling or demolition of, or an addition to any building or structure; or any work in connection with those things that is done at or adjacent to the mine (or an exploration site) where the building or structure is located.

Exploration: activities are undertaken while exploring and drilling for resources at non-active mining areas but within a mining tenement including pre /post drilling activities such as mapping, sampling, camp preparation, demobilisation etc.
Operations: refers to an activity being carried out in the normal course of development, production of ongoing mining operations or during the normal course of exploration.

Maintenance: refers to activities involving upkeep support and repair of machines, plant, building, structures, utility, system, roads etc. This could include shutdowns, adjustment, replacement, cleaning, modification, inspection, testing, servicing and repair of those things at a mine site operation or at an exploration site.

Decommissioning: refers to activities when a site ceases production; the final phase is decommissioning.  This broadly involves activities such as cleaning and removal of all facilities.

Rehabilitation: refers to put back to its former use after the decommissioning operations has been achieved.  This broadly involves safety, environmental and community issues pertaining to the protection of the site.

Support Services: refers to activities related to the servicing and operation of supporting facilities at the site operation or an exploration site including administration offices, services buildings, catering, residential and recreational facilities, security.  It also includes activities not directly associated with mining / exploration operations.

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