Step 4 - Description and Impact

Description and Impact - (External)

This step requires entry of the incident description and any injuries sustained.

Type Date and Time under the WHSA 2020

For incident notifications under the WHS Legislation

Incident Mechanism under the WHS Legislation

Enter Mechanism of Incident.  Identify the action, exposure or event that best describes the circumstances that resulted in the incident.
Click look up to enter the Code for the Mechanism of incident.

Type Date and Time under MSIA 1994


Enter incident description.  This is a free text entry for detailed information of the incident. Your description should include the details such as the nature of the incident, who was involved, whether or not medical treatment was administered.
Enter the number of injuries, illness or deaths (in digits). Where none, enter ‘0’. 
The number of injured persons, will determine the selection in Step 2 - Type Date and Time
E.g. you cannot enter ‘0’ in the number of injuries, illness or deaths, if the selection in 'Step 2 – Type Date and Time', suggests there is an injury
Enter Summary for Industry Awareness.  This is a free text field on incident details.  Refer handout - Points to consider 

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