DMP is responsible for ensuring the State’s resources sector is developed and managed responsibly for the benefit of all Western Australians.

Case Study – Mineral Titles completes OEPA spatial datasets trial

A strong example of collaboration under a MOU is a trial conducted by DMP’s Mineral Titles Division assisting the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority (OEPA) to verify and expand the quality of its spatial datasets through audits of existing data and a back-capture program. The project contributed to red tape reduction through the streamlining of government approval processing using spatial data and information, benefiting both agencies, and established a close interagency data and information relationship.

The project reduced risks associated with implementing the State Government’s commitment to establishing a State Environmental Data Library for which DMP is the lead agency. In addition, the project has ensured DMP has access to spatial representation of OEPA assessment areas so that it can comply with its obligations under the Memorandum of Understanding between the two agencies in relation to the referral of onshore mineral exploration and mining development proposals.

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