What are certificates and certificates of competency and who needs one?

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2020 was passed by the Parliament of WA and assented to by the Governor in November 2020.

The supporting regulations to the WHS Act are being drafted and the legislation will be proclaimed when these regulations are ready.

The government is working towards proclaiming the new health & safety legislation in  2022.

Once the legislation is proclaimed, the assessment for the statutory certificates for the mining industry will be based on the new legislation.

There will be transitional provisions allowing the current certificated statutory position holders to continue functioning.

What are certificates of competency?

Certificates of competency are issued for positions of responsibility at mining operations. The certification process confirms that successful applicants are suitably qualified and skilled with sufficient experience in the working environment to make appropriate critical operational decisions related to their position.

Who needs a certificate of competency?

Under the Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994 and associated regulations, people wishing to be appointed as an underground mine manager or quarry manager (or their alternates or deputies), or as an underground supervisor or winding engine driver must hold a relevant certificate of competency.

Surveyors who make or draw surveys or plans of mining operations must hold the relevant authorised mines surveyor’s certificate.

What is the process for certification?

Obtaining a certificate of competency

The applicant must pass an examination, and be assessed on qualifications, experience and character by the Board of Examiners, before a decision is made on the issue of a certificate of competency.

The application forms have more details on the requirements.

Obtaining an authorised mines surveyor’s certificate

The applicant must pass an oral examination, and be assessed on qualifications, experience and a work portfolio by the Mines Survey Board, before a decision is made on the issue of a certificate.

The application form has more details on the requirements.

Recognition of existing qualification

Find out whether a certificate or qualification from another State or Territory or New Zealand is valid in Western Australia, and how to apply.

Refer to Applying for mutual recognition for more information.