What are mine plans?

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What do mine plans cover?

Mine plans are a set of:

  • plans
  • cross sections
  • longitudinal sections

that show the entire workings of a mining or quarrying operation.

The mine plan must:

  • include any previous workings at the mine if any part of the mine has been worked in the past or if the mine was previously abandoned
  • be drawn to a scale that allows for legibility, including legibility when copied
  • be revised when necessary to show any significant changes to the mine workings
  • be produced, on request, to a district inspector of mines or to any other person authorised in writing by the district inspector of mines to inspect it.

The plan must be certified and signed by the authorised mine surveyor. The authorised mine surveyor:

  • may include appropriate and useful additional information on the mine plan
  • should ensure that any information about a danger to the mine, adjacent mines, or adjacent strata if worked, is recorded accurately on the plan.

Submitting mine plans

Frequency of submission

Registered managers are required to supply copies of mine plans to the State Mining Engineer.

Refer to s. 87(2) of the Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994.

Plans must be provided:

  • within one year of commencement [r. 3.52(a)]
  • each five years for mines with underground operations [r. 3.52(b)
  • before a period of suspension [r. 3.52(c)]
  • at mine closure [r. 3.52(d)].

An authorised mine surveyor is required to certify the correctness of the mine plan.

Format for submission

It is no longer necessary to submit hardcopy mine plans. Instead, they should be submitted in electronic format.

General exemption: Submission and certification of mine plans [r.3.53] - 466 Kb

This is a general exemption: Submission and certification of mine plans.

Go to Submitting a mine plan for information on using the department’s managed file transfer system to submit plans.

Becoming an authorised mine surveyor

The Mines Survey Board was established under section 82 of the Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994 and examines the qualifications, experience and character of persons applying for authorised mine surveyor’s certificates, and issues certificates where appropriate.