What is the Mines Survey Board?

On 31 March 2022, the Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws replaced the health and safety elements of the Mines Safety and Inspection laws. For information visit www.demirs.wa.gov.au/whs

All health and safety notifications, forms and guidance for mining and petroleum has moved to the WorkSafe website


The Mines Survey Board is established under section 82 of the Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994.


The Mines Survey Board carries out the following actions:

  • examines the qualifications, experience and character of persons applying for authorised mine surveyor’s certificate of competency and issue such certificates where appropriate
  • deals with complaints concerning the holders of authorised mine surveyor’s certificates and to suspend or cancel such certificates where appropriate
  • advises the Minister on survey matters relating to mines and mining operations, including quarries and quarry operations.

Current membership

  • Mr Andrew Chaplyn, State Mining Engineer, Resources Safety
  • Mr Russell Haigh, Institution of Surveyors Australia nominee
  • Mr Benjamin Ingham, Institution of Engineering and Mining Surveyors Australia nominee
  • Mr Martin Robinson, TAFE nominee
  • Mr Tony Snow, Surveyor General nominee
  • Mr Shane Watson, Institution of Engineering and Mining Surveyors Australia nominee


Executive Officer to the Board of Examiners
Phone: (08) 9358 8001 (select option 6 - you can make your selection at anytime)
Fax: (08) 9358 8000
Email: boe@dmirs.wa.gov.au


Mutual recognition

If you have an interstate or New Zealand qualification, you may qualify for mutual recognition.

Refer to Applying for mutual recognition for more information.

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