Step 2 - Injured Person

Injured / Ill Person - (External)      

This page provides information on Step 2 for an injured person under WHSA 2020 and MSIA 1994. 

From 31/3/22, you are able to submit the Injury Report Form (IRF) to the the Department, 1 day following the submission of the Notifiable Incident Report Form (NIRF) with the associated injury.

Injured Person under WHSA 2020

Usual shift time: this is the rostered shift time.  Entered in a 12hr format (am or pm) or written in 24 hour format (13:35).
Actual Time Shift started: This is the clock in time of the person. 

E.g. a person roster is rostered on a 10:00 hrs to 19:00 hours; but on the day of accident he started at 10:00 and the planned finish time is 18:00. 

Injured Person under MSIA 1994

Enter the Surname, Name, Gender and Date of Birth.
Enter the HSN (Health Surveillance Number). This is not a mandatory field
Select the radio button 'company' or 'contractor'.  If the contractor is selected, an additional field becomes available. Enter the name of the contractor company.
Enter the specific occupation of the person. E.g. HGV truck driver, diamond driller etc.
Identify the occupation the worker was doing at the time and allocate an appropriate code. 
Select 'Part Time' or 'Full Time'.
Time shift started: this the rostered shift time.  Entered in a 12hr format (am or pm) or written in 24 hour format (13:35).

Occupation Code

See also Injury classification code index.
Type the code.  This automatically populates the occupation details. Alternatively click the look up and select the specific code from the dropdown list. 
Select the code at the higher level or the lower level.  Click on the + icon to expand to select a specific code.  Select to highlight.   
Click Add.  This populates the code and the occupation details.
See Guidance for further help.

See also IRF FAQs

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