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From 31/3/22, you are able to submit the Injury Report Form (IRF) to the the Department, 1 day following the submission of the Notifiable Incident Report Form (NIRF) with the associated injury.

What is the distinction between initial and recurrent injury notifications?

Initial Injuries refer to a new injury cases, the work status of the injured person is tracked until either the person returns to Normal duties (N); is Terminated (T), Deceased (D), or commences a new job (O). The Initial Injury is then closed.

Recurrent Injuries refer to injury cases where the person has returned to normal duties from an injury (after time off work, or time on restricted duties), but requires additional time off work, or more time on restricted duties.  This is usually because the person has undergone surgery or the injury has flared up.

A Recurrent Injury should not be confused with an injury re-aggravated by a fresh incident.  This would be classed as a new Initial Injury. E.g. a person returned to work after time off because of a shoulder strain. 

When an employee experiences the signs or symptoms of a previous initial injury and re-aggravation was caused by an event or exposure in the workplace, the incident must be treated as a new initial injury.

Why is an initial injury notification sent to industry to be completed and submitted?

To close the gap between the initial accident and the start of a restricted loss time status, an initial injury notification needs to be completed and submitted. 
E.g.  the initial accident occurred on the 29th June, and industry advised the person was on ‘normal duties’ until 2nd July.   This is regarded as an initial injury and recurrence.

 A notification for the initial NDI (non disabling injury) IRF is generated on the 29th June, which will require to be completed the IRF and submitted.  (Note: Under the step ‘work status’ The 'NDI' button is ‘yes’ and no work status is required).

The accident will show in the system as:-
Initial             29 June (year)  IN-xxx-xxxxxx      currently in incomplete
Recurrence   02/07/(year)      IN-xxx-xxxxxx      currently in notification submitted.

Who creates the above injury notification?

In the above example, the Department's SRS Data Services team creates and sends the initial injury notification for industry to complete. 

What are the work status definitions?

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