Lodge statutory positions

Lodgement - (External)

Key Statutory position appointments under the Work Health and Safety Act 2020 and Legislation, must be notified to the Department.  These are notified by the mine operator or the site senior executive (SSE).   

Appointments of Health and Safety Representatives are entered into SRS.

External Security Roles:  Company Administrator or Company Representative for the 'Notifications' subsystem (Type: 'Position'),  See security roles and access - SRS registrations

Click New 
Select Mining or Exploration
Select the type of statutory position from the dropdown
Click Continue.

Upon selection of the 'Type', all statutory positions appear in the dropdown.
Select and click Continue.

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I cannot add a 'deputy' as a statutory position notification.  Why?
WHSA 2020, th
is position does not exist.  Existing 'deputy' positions (including those of Registered, Quarry and Underground Managers) under the MSIA 1994, will be end-dated. 

Where can i find information on transitional provisions of appointments?
Transitional provisions for statutory appointments and Health and Safety Representatives can be found in the Act -
WHSA 2020.

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