Donnybrook shafts



The Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DEMIRS) respectfully acknowledges Aboriginal peoples as being the Traditional Custodians of Western Australia. The Donnybrook project is located 2km south of Donnybrook in State Forest within the Gnaala Karla Booja Indigenous Land Use Agreement area.

The Donnybrook region was mined for gold between 1897 and 1903 leaving a significant number of historical mine workings. The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) reported the workings to the DEMIRS Abandoned Mines team expressing concerns for DBCA personnel and public safety in 2018.

The Donnybrook Shafts project was the first mine shaft rehabilitation to be undertaken by the Abandoned Mines Program. Rehabilitation was limited to those high-risk shafts within the forest block due to limited Mining Rehabilitation Fund interest funds, Final geotechnical monitoring in 2023 indicated no unexpected behaviour of rehabilitation works successfully concluding the project.

A full summary of the project can be found in the 2022-23 Mining Rehabilitation Fund Yearly Report

Strategic Objectives

  1. To minimise significant safety risks associated with historic shaft features within Argyle Forest Block.
  2. To develop a methodology/process for implementing shaft remediation projects across the State.

Donnybrook Shafts

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